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Traditional Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

​Reiki classes, Reiki treatments in London  

with Reiki Master Olga Katherine Sampson

tel. ​07772192989, e-mail: olga@reikitradition.co.uk

              Wanja Twan

Reiki principles

How you can learn Reiki

Anyone can learn Reiki, including children. After attending only the first day of Reiki class, you can use Reiki to treat yourself, family, friend and pets...

Reiki supports and accelerates the body's own natural ability to heal itself, working on mental, emotional and physical levels, assisting healing of a multitude of health problems...

Benefits of Reiki

"Reiki with Olga" is my home practice in North London where I teach Reiki classes and give Reiki treatments... 

 Reiki with Olga

Just for today do not worry

Just for today do not anger

​             Honour your parents,

              teachers and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing

Olga Sampson offers Reiki treatments and Reiki classes at her home practice in North London or anywhere she is invited. She is a fully insured and certified Reiki Master, registered with CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) 

"With Reiki comes Health, Happiness, Prosperity and Long Life." Hawayo Takata.

This website is dedicated with love and gratitude

to honour the Reiki tradition of one of my Reiki Masters Wanja Twan and her lineage teaching Hawayo Takata's Reiki since 1979.

             Discover the balance and harmony in your life with Reiki


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Next 1st Level Reiki Class - Saturday, 10th - Sunday, 11th March, 2018  


​Next 2nd Level Reiki Class - Monday, 2nd April, 2018  12 am


Next 2nd Level Reiki Circle - Saturday, 17th March, 2018 at 1 pm to 4 pm


Next Reiki Share -  Friday, 23rd March, 2018 at 7 (to start from 7-30) to 9-30 pm