How does it work?

The technique is very simple yet so powerful! When Reiki practitioner's hands come into contact with something living, Reiki starts to flow through practitioner's body and radiates from their hands.

Why is Reiki different from other form of energy work?

Reiki practitioners do not use their own energy, such as in spiritual healing, or manipulate the patient's own energy fields, as for example in acupuncture. While touching the client, Reiki energy starts to radiate from practitioner's hands which activates the client's own healing mechanism within the body.

How you can learn Reiki?

Anyone can learn Reiki, including children. After attending only the first day of Reiki class, you can use Reiki to treat yourself, family, friends and pets.

For the Reiki energy to be activated within your hands, you have to be initiated to it by a Reiki Master. A Reiki initiation is a direct transmission from teacher to pupil. Contained within that initiation is not only the spiritual essence and knowledge of that teacher but all the teachers and Masters before him/her within that directly transmitted lineage.

What is Reiki lineage?

Reiki lineage is a direct line of teaching that the teacher has been trained in. A lineage will reflect the knowledge that the teacher will pass on to the student. That is why different lineages will have different understanding of working with the system of Reiki. 

Lineages in Western Reiki will always have these 3 people at the beginning of their lineage: 

1 - Mikao Usui

2 - Chujiro Hayashi

​3 - Hawayo Takata


Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the West from Japan, during her life (1900-1980) initiated 22 Reiki Masters, who created their own lineages since. So the next person in any Western Reiki lineage will be one of those her 22 Reiki Masters:

 1 -  George Araki                                         12 - Harry Kuboi 

 2 -  Dorothy Baba                                        13 - Ethel Lombardi

 3 -  Ursula Baylow                                        14 - Barbara McCullough

 4 -  Rick Bockner                                         15 - Mary McFadyen  

 5 -  Patricia Bowling                                     16 - Paul Mitchell

 6 -  Barbara Brown                                       17 - Bethel Phaigh

 7 -  Fran Brown                                           18 - Shinobu Saito 

 8 -  Phyllis Furumoto                                   19 - Virginia Samdahl

 9 -  Beth Gray                                              20 - Wanja Twan 

10-  John Gray                                              21 - Barbara Weber Ray

11-  Iris Ishikuro                                           22 - Kay Yamashita                                                                    

​​My Reiki lineage

Mikao Usui - Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Wanja Twan - Anneli Twan - ​Olga Sampson

            This form of Reiki is traditional lineage that follows Hawayo Takata's teachings

without any modernisation or alteration.

Wanja Twan learned Reiki in 1978-1979 from Hawayo Takatain British Columbia, Canada. Her daughter Anneli Twan was first initiated by Hawayo Takata when she was 10 years old. She became a Reiki Master at 16 years of age. Since, she has taught Reiki in Canada and other countries when traveling with Wanja or by herself. 

I was initiated as a Reiki Master by Anneli Twan with Wanja's presence and support at their home in British Columbia, Canada in June 2013.

​What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of natural healing discovered in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui in the early 20th century and brought to the West by Hawayo Takata. The Japanese word "reiki" (ray-key) is most commonly translated as "universal life energy". This energy is around us, within us and all living things. 

Reiki works holistically by harmonising, balancing and healing the whole person on all levels - body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Reiki is open to any belief system. It is a totally safe energy that cannot do any harm and it is suitable for everyone, young or old. 

Traditional Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

​Reiki classes, Reiki treatments in London  

with Reiki Master Olga Katherine Sampson

tel. ​07772192989, e-mail:

Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

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Hawayo Takata

Anneli Twan

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Anneli, Wanja and me on 4th June 2013, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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