If you already have 1 Level Reiki, you can learn 2 Level Reiki which will allow you to send Distant Reiki Healing 

I run 2nd level Reiki Circles regularly for my 2nd level students and invited guests. During the circles we would send distant Reiki healing to all participant's issues.  

Next 2nd level Reiki Circle is on Saturday, 2nd February, 2019 at 2 pm, £35

If you would like to find out how sending Distant Reiki healing helped me to improve relationship in my family, please go to  "Reiki and Family" page 

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Reiki Distant Healing



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Reiki Distant Healing is a form within the Reiki system, whereby a practitioner can direct Reiki energy towards an individual without them being present, or to an event in the past, present, or future. This method of healing works in the same way as a Hands-On Reiki Treatment, but is much less time consuming for the recipient.

Reiki energy knows no boundaries in terms of space or time. It can be sent to anyone or anything across the world, to your past or future events. It works instantly. If you would like to try a Reiki treatment but are too busy, or for some other reasons cannot come to me, I can always do a Distant Reiki Healing for you. This way you can enjoy the benefits of Reiki without having to change your plans.

Reiki Distant Healing can be sent to you, to your family, to your friends, or to your pets. It can really boost your energy level whenever you need it. It can relieve your pain, help you with sleeping patterns, reduce you stress levels, boost your immune system, or help your body to heal itself after an operation. It will have the same effect as a Hands-On Reiki Treatment but is much quicker!

Reiki can be sent to anything! It can be sent to an exact time of your or your children's forthcoming exam, or to yours or you partner's speech at a business conference to reduce stress levels at the time. Reiki can also be sent at the time of an operation for you or your family and friends to reduce their pain level.

Whether you are experiencing a stressful and unpleasant situation at your job, going through a divorce or separation, having problems in your relationship, feeling the pressures of parenthood, or in the middle of making extremely complicated decisions, Reiki can be sent directly to any of these problems or to any other to alleviate difficult times in your life.

There are really no limits to what or where Reiki can be sent!

If you would like to try it - please send me an email with your details or simply call me at any time.

I charge £50 to send you a full Reiki Treatment

£45 for each session if you would like to have 3 or 4 consecutive Distant Reiki Treatments

£45 for any other individual issues