Open Reiki Day
Celebrating Mikao Usui's 150th birthday 

Saturday, 15th August, 2015 at 11 AM at my home.

Many people through out the UK in Reiki community will try to gather for this celebration, do some Reiki sharings, have Reiki circles, go for some lovely works in a country side, or just go for a picnic together!  
I thought it is a good opportunity for us to meet up also!
I would like you to invite you, your friends, neighbors or family members even if they do not have Reiki, and there is a very good reason for that. If you can not come yourself for some reason, please let others know about this event!

We'll start from a welcoming circle, where I invite you to share your experiences with Reiki, tell us what Reiki brought to your life, how Reiki changed you, etc. 
I will give everyone who does not have Reiki yet, but interested in Reiki, a 10-15 minutes Reiki taster. 
I will offer to all my students a Reiki blessing!
Please bring your lunch or some snacks with you and we'll share lunch together.
You will have an opportunity to ask me all your questions.
We could finish the day with a Reiki share, but that will depend on how many people will come. I thought it will be good to finish by 4 PM.

I ask for a  £15 contribution  please.

Please start to arrive from 10-30 AM so we can start at 11 please!
Let me know if you are coming.


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