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​Reiki classes, Reiki treatments in London  

with Reiki Master Olga Katherine Sampson

tel. ​07772192989, e-mail:

​​After Martin's master initiation, 4th October 2014,

North Saanich, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

With one of our Reiki teachers, Wanja Twan, at her home in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, June 2016

Family Christmas, 2016

Joint Reiki treatments

You are very welcome to book a Reiki treatment with two Reiki masters at the same time, me and Martin Robbins. 

Martin Robbins became a Reiki master a year later than me with the same teacher, but his Reiki journey started many years earlier than mine.

He learned Reiki in 1995 while traveling in Australia and has never stopped practicing since.

I met Martin through Reiki. He came to one of my Reiki shares in January 2014. We have been together for several year by now. 

​Please have a look at his website for more information about him:


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​You will definitely benefit form a four hands Reiki treatment, particularly if you are looking for balancing your feminine and masculine energy, or for both feminine and masculine intuitive insights.

We have 30 years of practicing Reiki between us!

A full Reiki treatment usually lasts about 90 minutes which include 60 minutes of hands-on healing and 30 minutes consultation (15 min before and 15 min after the treatment)
A few consecutive treatments are £80 each