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Great opportunity for the wider Twan Reiki Lineage to gather together!
My beautiful Reiki master and a very dear friend Anneli Twan is going to visit from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada in November. We are organising two Reiki circles over 18-19th November weekend. If your Reiki Lineage goes to Wanja Twan, you are very welcome to join us! Please click here for more information 

With Anneli Twan in North Saanich, BC, Canada 2014;

in Alberta, Canada 2013 and Ytterhogdal, Sweden 2015

I had a great honour teaching Reiki in Bucharest, Romania in Autumn 2013. I am truly blessed to bring Wanja Twan's Reiki Lineage to a new country and to meet such gifted and wonderful people.                             Thank you for an amazing experience!

With Wanja Twan, in Kaslo 2014 and Vancouver Island, BC, Canada 2016

Enjoying my Reiki treatment with so many lovely and warm hands of my students at October Reiki Share..​

Thank you everyone for coming and seeing me at the last "Body, Mind, Soul" Exhibition in London! ​It was a great experience!

click to read to my Press Release for the exhibition

Traditional Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

​Reiki classes, Reiki treatments in London  

with Reiki Master Olga Katherine Sampson

tel. ​07772192989, e-mail: olga@reikitradition.co.uk


"Thank you Olga ... for being who you are, so gentle, loving and wise; for bringing a different and authentic experience of Wanja Twan's Lineage to us; for the gift of storytelling about your Masters, re-creating your own precious experiences and emotions!" Claudia Turcu 

"Olga brought us into the world of Reiki in the same way as our grandparents brought us into the wonderful world of fairy tales during our childhood. We could not have enough of them and could not wait to get to the next one..." Dragos Toma Moroseanu   

"I want to thank you for your generosity, kindness, modesty, honesty, your love and sincerity. It was an honour and blessing for me to know you and learn from you. I am deeply grateful to the Universe, to you and to Wanja's Lineage. I practice every day and I can feel the force but also the gentleness of Reiki" Cerasela Sindile

 "A big heart, rare simplicity and naturalness." Aurelian Curin

"This Reiki line is intuitive and is based on your connection with your Higher Self and the Source. The simplicity and purity is the word that defines it. The teachings are transmitted as they were originally taught." Anca Ioana Pop

"We found a gifted teacher and a wonderful Reiki Master with a great heart. Hope to see you again! Thank you!" Aurelian Curin

Next 1 Level Reiki Class

17th - 18th December, 2018

 11 am to 3 pm on both days


Next 2 Level Reiki Class

January, 2019

​Date to be confirmed


  Next Reiki Share

Saturday, 15th December, 2018

1-30 pm

​Christmas Reiki Share with afternoon tea


Next 2nd Level Reiki Circle

Saturday, 2nd February, 2019

2 pm